♦ DC law currently requires each table to order at least one food item.

♦ Reservations are required, DC law requires we have contact information for at least one person at the table for contact tracing purposes. Please also note, reservations are limited to 2 hours.

♦ Masks are required. You may remove your mask only while seated at your table eating and/or drinking.

♦ Guests are asked to stay at least 6 feet from guests not part of their reservation. We’ve spaced our tables to allow for this and for this occasion we’re even spreading out into the spacious lot at Imperial Auto Body next door. Tenantive Table Layout

♦ Guests may only sit with the guests at their reserved table. No switching tables or seats.

♦ All exchanges must be done at designated plant tables, with masks, away from seated guests.

♦ All posted signs, regulations, and requests our staff will make are due to current DC COVID mandates and doing our part to keep everyone safe. Non-compliant guests will be asked to leave.

♦ Hand sanitizer in conveniently located throughout the property, we encourage use before and after interactions.

Click here for more detailed information on our Phase 2 reopening plan

Plant Rules

♦ Plant info sheets to name and describe your plant’s care needs are strongly encouraged. Information sheets and pens will be made available upon request. You may also arrive with your plants labeled using our Printable Plant Info Sheet or anything containing similar information.

♦ Plants must be pest-free.

♦ Indoor, outdoor, cuttings (rooted or freshly clipped), seeds and plant accessories are all encouraged.

♦ Swap with whomever you wish, be sure it’s a fair trade for both parties. Ex: A large plant may equal 3 smaller ones or 4 cuttings or 2 pots, etc. I think most are pros at this by now.

♦ If you have plants/cuttings/accessories to spare, we will have a “free to good home” table.

Final Details

3 Stars Brewing Company is located at 6400 Chillum Place NW, Washington, DC 20012

♦ There will be no on-site parking during the swap. Street parking is available. Guests may also park in the Thomas Somerville (6250 Chillum Place NW) lot a 1/2 block before the brewery on the same side of the street.

♦ The swap is open to all ages, but you MUST be 21 to drink.

♦ If you’re tagging pictures on Instagram, please use #3starsplantswap and/or #3starsbrewingplantswap so we can all stay in touch! We all love seeing updates!