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Imperial Pastry Stout, 9%abv, 32oz. Crowler

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Mallratz:  An Imperial Pastry Stout: What’s a pastry stout you say? A pastry stout is a stout made with adjuncts (Not the traditional beer ingredients, malt, water, yeast & hops) that has a sweet finish and often has aromas or flavor that comes specifically from the adjuncts used.  In this case Mallratz is made with Hundreds of Pounds of Cinnabon Cinnamon Buns and Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels.  Mallratz is a collaboration with 18th street Brewing from Indianapolis, IN.  This stout begins with the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla as you would expect.  The mouthfeel is very smooth and silky with soft carbonation transitioning to a nice rich malty flavor with lingering finish of cinnamon and vanilla.  Delicious in any weather, but perfect for these cool fall and winter nights.