Illuminati 2019 Release #2

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Russian Imperial Stout aged in One-8 Barrels, 12% ABV, 750ml Bottle

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Russian Imperial Stout aged in One-8 Distilling Barrels – The huge malt component of this beer is complimented very nicely with notes of oak and bourbon. It opens up with big roasted chocolate and coffee notes that wander across the palate with a solid viscous mouthfeel. The finish is smooth and slightly sweet with a pronounced, but pleasant, alcohol burn on the end leaving you wanting to dive back in for more.  Ringing in at an impressive 12%abv, it is still amazingly drinkable and extremely dangerous. Perfect to cellar for the colder months, or enjoy in the comfort of your air conditioning, definitely not a lawnmower beer as we would recommend avoiding heavy machinery while imbibing.