All Takesies No Leavesies Quarantine Hobby Exchange Sunday, January 10th

$10.00 USD

Remember mid-March when things came to a hault? We all started searching for that thing to get us through…. Maybe it didn’t work out, you done done it too many times, or you just accumulated more than you can handle. It’s a New Year, find something fresh at our Quarantine Hobby Exchange!

Trade or gift, you decide, but please don’t abandon your belongings if they don’t find a new suitor. We’re encouraging recycling and engaging the community, we’re not trying to get stuck with a bunch of stuff – All Takesies No Leavesies

This is a socially distant, outdoor event on our expanded patio. We have heaters, tent, and firepits, but please dress accordingly.

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Reservations required, please schedule prior to event and select Hobby Exchange as your section.



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COVID Precautions

We will provide:

  • Socially distant outdoor seating – fire pits are first come first serve
  • Spaces to conduct swaps away from your table and other seated guests
        • Gifts/No Trade Necessary – designated tables
        • Trades – you keep your items with you, we’ll provide you with a sign to write what you have and what you’re looking for (Ex: I have yarn. I want puzzles.)
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing sprays

We ask that you:

  • Make a reservation for you or your group of up to six after ticket purchase. Please choose Hobby Exchange as your section.
  • Purchase at least one food item per table as required by DC Law
  • Conduct swaps in designated areas and with mask on
  • Use common sense:
    • Sanitize items, if appropriate
    • Sanitize or wash your hands after interacting
    • Do not attend the event if you feel sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days